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Erotic massage is an original vacation for married couples

What should married couples do to maintain a warm relationship? Erotic massage is a great way to relax in an original way, paying maximum attention to each other. Enjoy manual practices together with your significant other and change your idea of joint leisure once and for all!

Relaxation is useful for both a woman and a man

Human nature is very complex, because it quickly gets tired of everything. Remember, once a trip to a restaurant was a whole event. Now it's just another day off or even a weekday. Well, since the best leisure is a change of scenery, we invite you to a session of erotic relaxation. The atmosphere of Barbie Spa will help you both to relax quickly and enjoy a massage and each other.

What is included in the session?

We have erotic massage for married couples presented in 4 programs.

  • For couples" is the basic offer of the salon, which includes both classical practices and interesting erotic services. The session is conducted by one master, so one of the couple will be able to enjoy manual techniques, and someone will act as an observer.
  • For Couples LUX” is a two–hour program in which a whole hour is devoted to massage, and the next 60 minutes after the session you will be able to enjoy each other alone.
  • For a couple LUX+” is a program with two masters, in which both you and your partner will feel with every cell of the body what real pleasure is.
  • “Point of Attraction” is a premium offer of Barbie Spa, in which you will get everything and even more. It includes caresses and stimulation with sex toys, as well as the use of toys on the remote. WELL, mutual kisses on the body and a joint shower will very quickly bring you into a state of excitement.

Erotic massage will help couples get to know each other better

If you want to reveal all the erogenous zones of your partner, come to Barbie Spa. We will show you how to bring your soulmate to bliss, and also help you study your own body. Leisure time with our masters will definitely be remembered for a long time!


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+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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