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Exciting caresses for couples at the Barbie Spa erotic massage studio

салон эротического массажа

Not only lonely people go to erotic salons. Couples visit us too. Men and girls who want to diversify their intimate life, add color to it. Or perhaps pull each other out of a relationship crisis. Harmony is also broken. Erotic massage at the Barbie Spa studio is a great opportunity to increase the passion between lovers.

What are the benefits of massage for couples?

Such a massage gives relaxation and helps to find balance within partners. Petting helps you accept your bodies. A couples massage won't solve all the problems you want, but it may help you find answers to some of them. During an erotic massage, the partner has the opportunity for new erogenous zones that were previously unknown. The piquancy of the process will be added by the realization that in the massage there is, as it were, a separation of the couple: a third person appears. And she's a masseuse. Its main goal is to deliver relaxation and orgasm to clients. Interesting experience, isn't it?

Session features

Our program has a special rule - massage is done either by a man or a woman, where the second partner is an observer! There are only 7 parts to an erotic massage session in the studio:

The cost of a massage for 60 minutes is 8,000 rubles.

A large number of types of relaxation will allow you to try yourself in different states. Even in the role of an observer, a partner can feel what his beloved is now, what he would like to adopt and add to a joint intimate life.

Erotic massage studio BarbieSpa is love!

Barbie Spa is very cozy and erotic! We have 3 VIP rooms with Jacuzzi and 8 rooms with showers. All our masseuses are masters of their craft. They are incredibly fit, beautiful and will provide you with the best rest. When you come to us, you can not worry that someone will see you. We maintain complete confidentiality and do not allow clients to cross inside the salon.


+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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