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Sakura massage, what is it?

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What is the secret that distinguishes cherry blossom massage from other services? This massage consists of kisses - short and gentle, caresses with the tongue and hot breath leading to ecstasy! Usually, sakura massage is ordered in addition to the main programs, skillfully wielding soft sponges, the girls bring guests to the highest point of pleasure!

Sakura massage technique

  1. Sitting comfortably on a comfortable bed, you lie on your stomach. With her tongue, the girl will begin to "massage" you from above;
  2. Tempting with tender kisses, she will move lower to the lower back;
  3. Ice cubes can be used for the acuity of sensations, they increase the sensitivity of the skin;
  4. Then the massage of the legs and feet begins, caresses with the tongue alternate with light tingling and stroking;
  5. When you are completely relaxed, the girl will ask you to turn;
  6. The touches will become more persistent, going down to the nipples, stomach and thighs, she will bring you to the top of bliss.

Important! This service does not include oral sex!

A little about the sakura massage technique itself

The massage itself came to us from Japan. This is not just a technique of erotic relaxation, a real art and thousands of years of practice by skilled geishas. To make you feel as comfortable as possible during the massage, every little thing is thought out in the Barbie Spa salon:

It will seem to you that in this world there is only you and a charming masseuse who will appear before you in all its glory.

Sakura massage technique is not like all the others. During the session, you will feel the pleasant, hot touches of the lips of a passionate beauty. It is exclusively performed only with lips and a gentle tongue, from which sensations will literally overwhelm you ...

Come to the Barbie Spa salon and order the most sensual sakura massage, we guarantee that after it you will forever change your idea of true pleasure, we are waiting for you!


+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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