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The best erotic massage for couples in Moscow

Erotic massage for couples is the very vacation that is worth trying in Moscow. There is no need to be afraid of the unknown, because Barbie Spa girls can easily become your guides to the world of pleasure. We will ignite passion in your relationship and help you look at each other in a new way.

Do it together…

Do you remember how it was the first time? First sight, first kiss, first intimacy… When you do something new, you are literally overwhelmed by emotions, you want to experience this incredible feeling again and again. And a trip to erotic relaxation is comparable to something no less incredible. There will be nothing superfluous at the session: only you, your significant other and two sexy beauties who know exactly how to give pleasure.

Challenge yourself and your partner

Before the session, we recommend that you tune in to the right mood. If you decide to sign up for an erotic massage for couples in the Moscow salon Barbie Spa, we will help you with this.

  • Firstly, we advise you to think only about each other, and not about our girls. Female guests are characterized by excitement and a sense of competition for attractive ladies. We hasten to assure you: the masters have only one task – to give you and your partner pleasure.
  • Secondly, we offer individual conditions. Everyone needs something different: some couples like to take a bath together, but someone will want to watch the seductive dance of a masseuse. Based on what exactly you want, our administrator will select the appropriate option for you.
  • Third, relax. Let go of all your fears and complexes and let the pleasure take you over. You will definitely not regret it!

Find out more about how an erotic massage session for couples takes place in the Moscow salon Barbie Spa

To do this, contact our administrator. She will answer all your questions and tell you what awaits partners on vacation in this format. Allow yourself a bold leisure that will turn your life 180 degrees and charge you with new impressions! Well, we will be happy to help you with this.


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+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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