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Affordable spa massage for men in Moscow

Why do men need a spa massage at all? And why has he gained such huge popularity in Moscow? Some will say that a real vacation is fishing and hunting, for someone it will be a pleasant leisure and a trip to a restaurant, but we believe that there is nothing better than spending time in the company of charming and skillful beauties.

Why don't you see for yourself?

Getting into Barbie Spa is very easy! Firstly, we are open around the clock, and therefore you can come to us both in the early morning and under the cover of night. Secondly, we have a lot of programs, among which you will definitely find the one that you will like. And we will be happy to help you in its selection!

What can we offer our guests?

Depends, of course, on the individual request. Many men regard spa massage as a pleasant alternative to Moscow hangouts in clubs and bars. And for some, relaxation is something more.

  • If you belong to the first category, we can recommend our basic programs to you. With them, you can try the ”Cherry Twig" – the most sensual service, and body massage - the most passionate, and Lingam massage – the most!
  • If you can be attributed to the second category, here the rest should be more original. How do you feel about BDSM? Maybe you've always dreamed of trying on the role of a Gentleman? Or do you want to be in the skin of a slave? Our craftswoman will put on a costume and arrange an amazing show, after which a long ecstasy is guaranteed!

Sign up for a spa massage for men, because this is an ideal vacation for Moscow

Judge for yourself: the capital is associated with vanity, people are always in a hurry somewhere. Even in a restaurant, you will see waiters running around trying to remember your order in a hurry. Is it possible to rest like this? Massage is a completely different matter. Our girls will start the program very smoothly, their movements are admired with grace and tenderness, and their hands… We will not describe all the details, it's better to come and check for yourself! Sign up for a session now! Our girls have been waiting for you…


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+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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