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What is Lingam massage?

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Gentle touching the male genitals of gentle female hands and contemplation of a beautiful naked body ... Surely, many men in their fantasies paint a similar picture, presenting the Lingam massage technique. The penis is extremely sensitive to caresses, thanks to this, you will get great pleasure from the session and benefit ...

Lingam massage is performed in the Barbie Spa according to ancient Indian traditions, so you will receive incomparable pleasure that will remain in your memory for a long time ...

The main principle is to delay pleasure

A charming beauty with gorgeous shapes performs massage slowly and extremely carefully, acting on erogenous areas with extreme caution. The flickering of candles, soft music and the aroma of incense add intimacy to the process.

If you want to experience all the delights of Lingam massage, then come to the Barbie Spa for your portion of delights. With us, it can be combined with any program where the beauty will first excite you, will fill the penis with caresses for a long time, and only at the end will allow the accumulated energy to come out.

Only thanks to the correct Lingam massage technique does a man become sexually stronger, he can have sex with a partner for longer, restrain ejaculation, and learns to get a powerful orgasm.

How Lingam massage is done at Barbie Spa

The masters of the Barbie Spa salon devote themselves to the Lingam massage ritual completely, dissolving in the guest physically and mentally. He doesn't have to do anything, he just needs to relax and surrender to the caring hands of the masseuse. Features are in the following nuances:

- The guest takes a shower to relieve himself of the burden of the day;

The advantage of a Lingam massage session is that the girl uses only her hands. Let a sexy girl pamper you, making all your fantasies come true!


+7 (966) 173-94-41

Moscow, Kalanchevskaya 31/58 с1

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